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▼ AlN Ceramic Crucible

Aluminum nitride crucibles could withstand about 1300°C in air, without bulk oxidation, although the process started after 700°C. In vacuum, AlN decompose at 1800°C. AlN melts at 2200°C, with inert atmosphere protection. In general, the working temperature for AlN products is 800°C in air, 1700°C in vacuum and 2100°C in inert atmosphere.

AlN crucible can be used as a vessel for vacuum evaporation and melting of metals. In semiconductor industry, AlN crucible is used to replace quartz crucible to synthesize gallium arsenide, which can completely eliminate the pollution of gallium arsenide from Si and obtain high purity products.

AlN crucible is widely used in chemical, power electronic equipment for its following advantages (see below table).

corrosion resistance Corrosion resistance dielectric loss Low dielectric loss
High mechanical strength High thermal conductivity

AlN crucible combination

▼ Common Types

Low wall crucible Middle wall crucible
High wall crucible Tight fitting cauldron

▼ Notice

Ceramics are absorbent. Therefore, in order to reduce the error, the crucible should be strictly dried before use and weighed on the analytical balance. Sometimes the analyte is filtered with an ash-free filter paper, which is placed together in the crucible; The filter paper completely disintegrates at high temperatures without affecting the results. After high temperature treatment, the crucible and its contents are dried and cooled in a special dryer, and then weighed. Use clean crucible tongs all the way.

▼ Applications

Crucible, as an important part of chemical equipment, is a vessel for melting and refining metal liquid and heating solid-liquid reaction. It is the basis for the smooth chemical reaction.Widely used in glass deep processing industry, metallurgy industry, electronics industry, chemical industry, aerospace and other fields. Generally speaking, the shape of AlN ceramic crucible is mainly square and cylindrical.AlN crucible application combination