Aluminum Nitride is stable at very high temperatures in inert atmospheres. Also, it is the only technical ceramic material that offers high thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation.

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic – Key Properties & Popular Applications

Key Properties Applications
■High thermal stability
■Low thermal expansion
■High thermal conductivity
■High thermal shock resistance
High thermal conductivity makes AlN ideal for applications where fast and uniform thermal response is required. It is often used for electronics applications due to its excellent heat dissipation properties.
Also, the high thermal conductivity coupled with low thermal expansion make AlN an excellent thermal shock resistant material which withstands rapid heating and cooling.
■Heat sinks & heat spreaders
■Semiconductor heaters
■Substrate material for high power, electronic devices
■Heat transfer components used at high temperatures
■Good Chemical Resistance AlN is highly resistant to corrosion especially to halogen gas plasma.
However, it reacts with water and alkaline water to produce ammonia gas.
■Components exposed to semiconductor process chemicals and gases at high temperatures
■Plasma-exposed components

Available Sizes and Machining Capability

Availability Sizes(mm) Machining Capability Sizes(mm)
Plate Φ500×30 Hole diameter Φ0.1 or more
Rod Φ100×400 Hole depth 300 or less
Groove width 0.3 or more Max. hole number 1,000 (approx.)
Max. step height 30 Thread size M2 or more