XMCERA | Ceramic Disc Valve for Tap

Why Ceramic Disc Valve

① The use of high-tech new ceramic structural materials, improve the wear resistance of the valve products, corrosion resistance and tightness, greatly prolonging the service life of the valve.

② The use of ceramic disc valve can greatly reduce the number of valve maintenance and replacement, improve the safety and stability of the operation system of supporting equipment, reduce the labor intensity of workers, save the cost of equipment repair.

③ The use of ceramic disc valves can improve the sealing of industrial piping system, and can maximize the elimination of leakage, which will play a positive role in promoting environmental protection.

④ Manufacturing ceramics of raw materials wide, low cost, with aluminum, carbon, silicon and other ordinary elements can be made of superior performance of ceramic materials, can save a lot of metal materials and rare mineral resources.

Excellent oxide Excellent oxide corrosion resistance Corrosion resistance
Electrical insulation Electrical insulation High flexural strength High bending strength
Low thermal expansion Low thermal expansion High abrasion resistance High abrasion resistance

Material Advantage

Alumina is the most widely used type of advanced ceramic material. It is high dielectric properties are beneficial in electrical products. It offers corrosion and wear resistance and high strength. It is widely used for industrial machine components.

XMCERA‘s ceramic disc valves are made of 95% or 99% alumina.

Type Al2O3 95% Al2O3 99%
Density(g/cm³) ≥3.63 ≥3.9
Color White Ivory
Flexural Strength(Mpa) ≥280 ≥360
Vickers Hardness(Gpa) 11.5 13.7
Compressive Strength(Mpa) 2100 2350
Thermal Conductivity(W/m..K) 18 27
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(10ˉ⁶/°C) 7.2 8
Thermal Shock Resistance(△T(C)) 200 200
Specific Heat(J/Kg.°K) 790 780
Maximum Use Temperature(°C) 1200 1200
Volume Resistivity(Ω.cm) >10¹⁴ >10¹⁴
Dielectric Strength 6.35mm(ac-kV/mm) 8.3 8.7
Dielectric Constant@1MHz(25°C) 9 9.6
Dielectric Loss@1MHz(25°C) 0.0001 0.0001
Fracture Toughness 4-5 4-5
Elastic Modulus(Gpa) ≥280 250
Poisson’s Ratio 0.22 0.22


Ceramic disc valve is widely used in many industries such as lock bucket, bin, pneumatic conveying and all kinds of pipes in chemical industry, petroleum industry, mining industry, electric power industry and environmental protection industry. Combined with the characteristics of ceramic materials, it can work normally continuously for a long time under bad conditions with wear and erosion materials.Ceramic Disc Valve Applications