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Ceramic Disc Valve

Metal valves are commonly used in all industries. Metal valves have been used for hundreds of years. Although metal valves have been improved in structure and materials, they are limited by the properties of metal materials and can not adapt to the needs of more and more high wear, strong corrosion and other harsh working conditions, mainly reflected in short service life and serious leakage greatly affect the stability of the system operation.

Ceramic material deformation is small, than metal has much higher mechanical strength, generally composed of ceramic material crystal ion radius is small, and ion electricity price is high, coordination number is large, these properties determine the tensile strength of ceramic material, compressive strength, elastic modulus, hardness and so on are very high. However, ceramics themselves are “brittle” and difficult to process limited its scope of application, in recent decades, due to martensitic phase change toughening technology, composite technology and nano ceramics concept development and progress, has made ceramics “brittle” has been greatly improved, its toughness and strength has been greatly improved, the scope of application continues to expand. In recent years, the application of new ceramic materials in petroleum, chemical industry, machinery and other fields is very active. It is one of the important development directions of high-tech materials market in recent years to make wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts instead of metal materials by using the wear resistance and corrosion-resistant properties of ceramics.

self-cleaning Self cleaning wear resistance Wear resistant
corrosion resistance Corrosion resistant high bending strength High bending strength

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▼ Advantages

• Long service life

Compared with other materials of the valve, ceramic valve in the high temperature and high pressure working environment, shows a long effective service life, which not only ensures the normal operation of the chemical transportation industry to a certain extent, but also reduces the cost of chemical production, improve the efficiency of the valve.

• Wide range of applications

Ceramic valves are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as power production, chemical industry, metallurgy and mining, in addition to sewage treatment and other industrial fields.

• The preparation technology is mature

With the continuous innovation and development of science and technology, the preparation process and process of ceramics are becoming more mature and perfect. For example, the proportion of ceramic product ingredients, the processing and molding of ceramics and other important process links are becoming more mature through the application of new technologies.

▼ Applications

Ceramic disc valve is widely used in many industries such as lock bucket, bin, pneumatic conveying and all kinds of pipes in chemical industry, petroleum industry, mining industry, electric power industry and environmental protection industry. Combined with the characteristics of ceramic materials, it can work normally continuously for a long time under bad conditions with wear and erosion materials.

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