XMCERA | 95% 99.5% alumina ceramic valve

Ceramic disc valve is widely used in petroleum, machinery for its following advantages (see below table).

excellent oxide Excellent oxide corrosion resistance Corrosion resistance
Electrical insulation high bending strength High bending strength
Low thermal expansion wear resistance High abrasion resistance

Ceramic Disc Valve Combination

▼ Performance Advantages

• Ceramic disc valve adopts high-tech new ceramic structural materials to make the valve sealing parts and vulnerable parts, ceramic material chemical stability and high hardness (Rockwell hardness HRA90), second only to diamond. Therefore, the valve has very high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, and good heat insulation, small thermal expansion, greatly prolonging the service life of the valve.

• Ceramic disc valves can greatly improve the fluency of industrial piping system, sealing, can minimize leakage, so as to protect the environment.

• The use of ceramic disc valves can greatly reduce the number of valve maintenance and replacement, improve the safety and stability of the operation system of supporting equipment, and save equipment repair costs.

• Manufacturing ceramics with a wide range of raw materials, low cost, with aluminum, carbon, silicon and other common elements can be made of superior performance of ceramic materials, can save a lot of metal materials and rare mineral resources.

▼ Applications

• Thermal power plants, steel, petroleum, chemical, paper, biological engineering, and other industries. Suitable for boiler steam, lime slurry, granular seawater transportation, high hardness particles, soft particles with corrosive media, powder, flue gas desulfurization, ash, slag, water treatment.

• According to the use of replacement materials, can be used in different temperatures and media.

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