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Ceramic Fuse Body

Ceramic fuse body is a kind of short circuit protector, widely used in distribution control system, mainly used for short circuit protection or severe overload protection.The ceramic fuse body is mainly composed of the melt and the insulated tube (insulated base) on which the melt is installed. When in use, the melt is connected in series in the circuit to be protected. When the circuit is short circuited, the melt is instantly fused and the circuit is disconnected, thus playing a protective role.

Ceramic fuse body is widely used in ventilator, industria controller, and power supply for its following features (see below table).

High strength High strength Heat resistant
High reliability High reliability High breaking capability High breaking capability

ceramic fuse body combination

▼ Common Types

Ceramic fuse body is a kind of fuse, is also a typical disposable fuse. Ceramic fuse body also fall into several categories. For example, according to the breaking capacity can be divided into high-score fuses and low-score fuses, according to the melting speed can be divided into fast fuses and slow fuses, according to the installation can be divided into lead fuses and lead-free fuses, power supply fuses.

• Chip fuses

Chip fuses provide reliable overcurrent protection for secondary circuits of cell phones, battery packs, digital cameras, portable devices, printers, laptops, TVS, car dashboards, battery packs, etc.

• Radial leaded fuses

XMCERA offers space-saving radial leaded fuses for the global market to provide cost-effective primary circuit protection in space constrained applications such as power adapters, televisions, handheld consumer prodycts, and more.

▼ Applications

As a protective device for short circuit and overcurrent, ceramic fuse body is one of the most widely used protective devices.It is often used in the following areas:

Laptops Printers Scanners
DVD players Cell phones LCD monitors
Game systems Digital cameras Portable electronics

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