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▼ Ceramic Fuse Body

Ceramic fuse body is a new type of current protector. Its working principle is that when the current passing through the fuse exceeds the specified value, it will generate heat to melt the internal melt and cut off the circuit, so as to protect the whole circuit. Ceramic fuses are used in high and low voltage power distribution system and control system and electrical equipment, as a short circuit and overcurrent protector, is one of the most widely used protective devices.

High strength High strength Heat resistant
High reliability High reliability High breaking capability High breaking capability

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▼ Common Types

Fuses can be divided into high voltage fuses and low voltage fuses according to the voltage used. According to the protection object can be divided into the protection of transformers and general electrical equipment with fuses, protection of voltage transformer fuses, protection of power capacitors fuses, protection of semiconductor components fuses, protection of motor fuses and protection of household appliances fuses. According to the structure can be divided into open type, semi-closed, tube type and jet type fuse.

In addition, fuses can be divided into general purpose fuses, backup fuses and full range fuses according to the range of breaking current. The breaking current range of general purpose fuses refers to the range from overload current greater than 1.6 ~ 2 times rated current to maximum breaking current. This kind of fuse is mainly used to protect power transformers and general electrical equipment. The breaking current range of backup fuse refers to the range from overload current greater than 4 to 7 times rated current to the maximum breaking current. This kind of fuse is often used in series with the contactor. When the overload current is less than 4 ~ 7 times of the rated current, the contactor can realize breaking protection. Mainly used to protect motor.

▼ Applications

In view of the excellent short-circuit protection performance of ceramic fuse body, they are widely used in high and low voltage distribution systems and control systems as well as electrical equipment, as a short-circuit and overcurrent protector, is the most widely used and one of the most important protective devices.

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