XMCERA | Ceramic Fuse Body

Introduce of Ceramic Fuse Body

Ceramic fuse body is a kind of short circuit protector, widely used in distribution control system, mainly used for short circuit protection or severe overload protection.

The ceramic fuse body is mainly composed of a melt and an insulated tube (insulated base) mounted on it. When in use, the melt is connected in series in the circuit to be protected. When the circuit is short circuited, the melt is instantly fused and the circuit is disconnected, thus playing a protective role.

Features of ceramic fuse body(see below table).

High strength High strength Higher thermal conductivity Heat resistant
Impeccable stability and durability High reliability High breaking capability High breaking capability

Different from Glass Fuse Body

Type Glass Ceramic
Current Rating(Amps) 1A 1A
Voltage Rating – AC 250V 250V
Voltage Rating – DC 125V
Response Time Fast Blow Fast Blow
Breaking Capacity 35A 100AAC,10kADC

A ceramic fuse offers better thermal and arc protection during a high current episode compared to a glass fuse with the same specifications.

Application Field

In view of the excellent short-circuit protection performance of ceramic fuse body, they are widely used in high and low voltage distribution systems and control systems as well as electrical equipment, as a short-circuit and overcurrent protector, is the most widely used and one of the most important protective devices.

Ceramic Fuse Body Applications