XMCERA | Al2O3 Ceramic Part for Coke Machine

Coke Machine Introduction

Coke machine is a professional production of carbonated drinks (soda) products equipment, is the tap water through the filter into treatment water, and then through the carbonization pump pressure 140-170PSI, through the nozzle in the carbonization cylinder atomization, mixed with carbon dioxide gas, carbonated water. The carbonated water is further exchanged with the ice water in the ice tank through the stainless steel coil to ensure that the temperature of the carbonated water is below 2℃. The carbonated water is sent to the beverage tower to be mixed with the syrup to form the carbonated beverage.

Coke Machine

Ceramic Part for Coke Machine

The ceramic parts for coke machine produced by XMCERA are located at the valve head. Each valve head has two ceramic parts produced by us. Drinking water flows into one side and syrup flows into the other, and they are added inside the coke machine to form carbonated drinks finally.Coke Machine Decomposition PictureCoke machine ceramic parts are made of 99% purity alumina ceramics, with chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and so on, is an important part of the coke machine.

chemical resistant Chemical resistance corrosion resistance Corrosion resistance
high mechanical strength High mechanical strength high temperature resistance High temperature resistance