XMCERA |  Ceramic Plunger


As a mature product of structural ceramic products, ceramic plunger has the comprehensive characteristics of ultra-high heat resistance, high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. Using ceramic metallization bonding, welding, and socket technology assembly molding, is the same metal pump ideal replacement products.

High Hardness High Hardness high temperature resistance Heat Resistance
corrosion resistance Corrosion Resistance High abrasion resistance Excellent Wear Resistance


Pump body structure and product structure fine seal, easy to disassemble.

Ceramic plunger adopts high performance technology ceramic material, with high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.

Ceramic plunger working face using a unique machining method to obtain microporous structure has self-lubrication effect, changes the traditional piston pump sliding friction and lubrication mechanism.

The surface of the inner cavity adopts fluid structure, without dead Angle and groove. The surface of the inner cavity and the surface of the plunger are processed to the mirror surface by advanced high-precision internal and external grinding machine. The external surface is polished by vibration, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection.


With the development of special ceramics in the industry in recent years, the application field of zirconia ceramics has also undergone a major change, from the past application of gold metallurgy industry as a refractory and anti-corrosion material, to now has been applied to automotive energy, digital appliances, medical devices, industrial electronics and many other industries as structural ceramics, biological ceramics and electronic ceramics.

Ceramic Pump Applications