XMCERA | Ceramic Wafer Loader Arm

Ceramic Arm Introduction

Ceramic robotic arm, also known as ceramic finger or wafer transfer end-effector, is a part made of alumina ceramic mounted on a wafer handling robot, which acts as a robotic hand and is responsible for transporting the wafer silicon to a specified position on the surface of which is in direct contact with the wafer.

Structure And Function of Ceramic Mechanical Arm

There are pores and ventilation slots in the mechanical arm. When pumping air, a vacuum can be formed to absorb semiconductor parts, so as to achieve light contact, not pinch, not hurt semiconductor parts sheet.

Advantages of Ceramic Mechanical Arm

① Ceramic mechanical arms are more resistant to acid and alkali corrosion than metal arms.

② Ceramic robotic arms do not easily react with other substances, do not leave contaminating particles and charged charges on the objects in contact, do not produce metal ions, do not contaminate semiconductor parts.

③ When the semiconductor is heat treated, the ceramic mechanical arm is also less heated and deformed, which reduces the deformation of the semiconductor parts during heat treatment.

High Hardness High Hardness High abrasion resistance Wear Resistance
High Gas Tightness High Gas Tightness corrosion resistance Corrosion Resistance

Application field diagram

Ceramic Machine Arm Applications