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▼ Al2O3 Ceramic Substrate

Alumina ceramic substrate is a ceramic part with alumina as the core component.

Ordinary alumina ceramic substrate according to the different content of AI2O3 can be divided into 99 alumina substrate, 95 alumina ceramic substrate and other varieties. The 99 alumina ceramic substrate is used in the production of high temperature tongs, furnace tubes and special wear-resistant materials, such as ceramic bearings, ceramic seals and water valve plates, 95 alumina ceramic substrate is mainly used as corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts.

Because in mechanical, thermal, electrical properties compared with most other oxide ceramics, high strength and chemical stability, and rich source of raw materials, suitable for a variety of technology manufacturing and different shapes.

High Chemical Resistant High Mechanical Strength
High Frequency Insulation High Temperature Resistance

al2o3 substrate 1280 400


▼ Classification

• Ceramic substrate for chip resistance

Ceramic substrate has the main advantages of small volume, light weight, high temperature resistance, high electrical insulation performance, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, large thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, and the component thermal expansion coefficient is similar, greatly improve the reliability of the circuit and circuit wiring density, is the chip resistance component carrier material.

• Ceramic substrate for LED

Alumina ceramic substrate for LED has the characteristics of high heat dissipation and high air tightness, which can improve the luminous efficiency and life of LED, and good air tightness, so that it has the advantages of high weather resistance, can be used in a variety of different environments.

▼ Applications

The production and sales of alumina ceramic substrates are widely used in instruments, food, medical, solar photovoltaic, mechanical hardware, laser semiconductor, petrochemical, automotive, military, aerospace and other high-end fields.al2o3 substrate application combination 01al2o3 substrate application combination 02