XMCERA | Microporous Ceramic Substrate


Microporous ceramics are a kind of functional structural ceramics. The ceramic interior or surface contains a large number of small pores with opening or closing mouths. It has the properties of adsorption, air permeability, corrosion resistance, environmental compatibility, biocompatibility, etc. At the same time, it is an efficient and renewable filtration material. It can greatly improve the efficiency of water treatment, reduce environmental pollution and reduce the cost of water treatment by replacing the quartz sand filtration material used in domestic water treatment industry.

Adsorbability adsorption Breathability air permeability
corrosion resistance corrosion resistance Environmental compatibility environmental compatibility


▶ High temperature resistance, no volatilization of harmful substances, good thermal stability, no thermal deformation, softening, oxidation, can be used at -50~500℃.

▶ Strong reproducibility, by backwashing with liquid or gas, can basically restore the original filtration capacity, so as to have a long service life, while the antibacterial performance is good, not easy to be degraded by bacteria.

▶ No pollution, its own clean state is good, non-toxic and tasteless, no foreign matter falls off, will not cause secondary pollution, can replace cotton, silk fabric, plastic, precious metal mesh and other filter materials, eliminate the defects of these filter materials.

▶ Good adsorption performance, the porous solid surface characteristics of microporous ceramics, so that it has a large internal surface, that is, a large surface energy, so that it has a strong adsorption capacity, can adsorption and filter a large number of small suspended particulate matter.


Microporous ceramics have adsorption, permeability, corrosion resistance, environmental compatibility, biocompatibility, etc., widely used in all kinds of liquid filtration, gas filtration and fixed biological enzyme carrier and biological adaptive carrier, especially in environmental engineering has been a large number of applications, such as industrial water, domestic water treatment, sewage purification and other aspects.

Microporous ceramic applications