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From Design to Prototyping to Mass Production, we are always ready to turn your ideas into reality and provide advanced materials solutions suitable for your products.

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Manufacturing Services

We are a trusted manufacturer of custom-machined precision parts made from fine ceramics, plastic and metal.

Rapid Prototyping


CNC Rapid Machining
Plastics Rapid Prototyping
Ceramics Rapid Prototyping

Ceramic Press Processing


Dry press
Cold Isostatic press
Dry-bag Isostatic press

Injection Molding


Ceramic Injection Molding
Metal Injection Molding
Plastics Injection Molding

Surface Finishes & Assembles

Sand Blasting
Metallized and Brazing

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Industry Solutions

Your personal factory delivering custom-tailored solutions that meet your requirements.

Aerospace & Defense

Our machined ceramics have been used in a wide array of applications, including antenna and RF components for aerospace communication systems.


In the quest for cleaner energy, we supply critical components for solar and wind energy production, as well as advances in nuclear fusion.


As components and parts, fine ceramics make decisive contributions to automotive industry,

Medical Technology

Fine ceramics with their unique material properties open up enormous performance potential for applications in medical technology.

Genenral Manufacturing

Fine ceramics is ideal choice replace to other materials in equipment, mechanical and plant engineering.

Food & Packaging

We design unique, custom ceramic components specifically for the agricultural and food processing & beverage handling industries.


Fine ceramics are widely used in the whole cycle of semiconductor manufacturing.


Fine ceramics are used as circuit carriers, heat sinks, sensors, actuators and as active or passive components in different areas.

Consumer & Household

Fine ceramics custom components for consumer and household durables are designed to provide a long life of consistent performance.

Any Part, Any Material, Any Industry

Our highly skilled team has developed a distinct understanding of parts for any industry made from any material, from ceramic and metals to plastics and elastomers.

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Choosing The Right Prototype Manufacturer

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified to ensure that your project meets strict quality specifications.
  • One-to-one support service by a technical team, quick response within a few hours.
  • Most competitive prices in the market, 30% lower than Europe and America.
  • Comprehensive capabilities include in-house machining and integration of manufacturing resources across China.
  • An experienced team of engineers and flexible production methods
    mean faster manufacturing and shorter lead times.