Silicon Carbide

A Ceramic Material Hard as Diamond

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is an advanced composite ceramic material developed for applications in Aerospace, Semiconductor Lithography, and Astronomy. This unique material has the highest combination of thermal and mechanical stability of any material which can be optically polished making it perfect for high performance lightweight mirrors mounted on aircraft and spacecraft for imaging, laser targeting and communications applications. Silicon carbide is also used in commercial applications such as lightweight scan mirrors, semiconductor wafer handling, and reflective imaging systems.

Properties of Silicon Carbide

High hardness
Wear resistance
Excellent mechanical properties at high temperature
Corrosion resistance
High strength
Excellent thermal conductivity
Good thermal shock resistance
Best stiffness to weight ratio

Applications of Silicon Carbide

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment components
Optics Reflector
SIC Aperture
High-temperature components
Sealing components
Wear-resistant components
Components requiring high-stiffness

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Silicon Carbide Ceramics

silicon carbide optic scan mirrors
silicon carbide plate
silicon carbide optics mirrors base